Queensland To Get Tougher Lockout Laws As State Premier Reaches Deal

Bad news today for Queenslanders with news emerging that the state will be embracing even tougher lockout legislation.

To be implemented with a staggered approach, the lockout laws will ‘kick off’ with a 2am last drinks to be brought in from from July 1st this year, although venues within “Safe Night Precincts” will be allowed to serve alcohol until 3am. The 1am ‘lockouts’ will then be brought in on February 1st next year.

“These are important issues for Queenslanders. We are committed to curbing alcohol-fuelled violence, but we are also committed to increasing employment and devoting more resources to mental health,” Premier Palaszczuk said in a statement, which you can read below.

Palaszcuzuk and Katter’s Australia Party members Rob Katter and Shane Knuth have reached a deal today, despite Katter having previously referred to the laws as ‘nanny-state legislation’. He and Knuth have dropped their opposition to the laws in exchange for Palaszcuzuk agreeing to their request that she meet with them in their respective electorates to discuss how to better improve local employment opportunities, as well as prioritising funding for mental health support in regional areas.

The news comes as a wave of anti lockout sentiment is sweeping Sydney, with a mass demonstration planned for this Sunday in Sydney. Meanwhile Premier Mike Baird has faced enormous backlash online for his pro-lockout Facebook post calling the anti-lockout movement ‘hysteria’.

Still while Queensland had hoped that Katter and Knuth would stand up against the Premier’s sweeping laws, it seems they were only in it for the leverage. Thanks again Australian politics for giving me faith in our political systems.

Good news for Melbourne real estate though…

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