Sydney’s Lockout Laws Will Finally Be Lifted From January 2020

Nearly six years after Sydney’s lockout laws were introduced in 2014, they will be partially repealed from 14th January, 2020 throughout much of the city. The laws will, however, remain in place in Kings Cross. Last drinks will remain at 3.30am.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the news in a press conference today, also announcing that the repeal will be reviewed in 12 months’ time.

“From the 14th of January, the lockout laws will be gone, except for Kings Cross,” commented Berejiklian.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the parliamentary committee, which a cross-party committee, for coming up with about 40 recommendations in relation to Sydney’s night time economy. We’ve adopted the vast majority of those recommendations, and we look forward to having them implemented from January 14.”

“The reason why we’ve chosen that date is to give all stakeholders enough time to come to terms with what’s happening and to prepare, and to also allow our citizens to adjust to those changes that are happening from that date,” added Berejiklian.

The Labor Party has pledged its support to the partial repeal.

The controversial laws – which mandate a 1.30am lockout time – have long been criticised for stifling Sydney’s nightlife and night time economy. In September of this year, the parliamentary committee Berejiklian mentioned above recommended that several of the city’s laws relating to alcohol be lifted.

Back in June, research conducted by the University of Sydney found that the lockout laws had not had an effect on curbing violence in Sydney’s CBD.

“Today’s announcement marks a turning point for Sydney’s night time economy, and the first steps to making Sydney one of the world’s great cities for night life,” commented Gabriel Metcalf, CEO of Committee for Sydney.

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