Queensland Government Denies Plans To Randomly Breathalyse Punters Inside Licensed Venues

The Queensland State Government has denied recent reports that they are looking to introduce measures that would allow them to breathalyse club-goers inside licensed venues.

In a statement, the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath said “there is no plan to random breath-test drinkers and there never has been,” clarifying the government’s plans following recent reports in which she is quoted saying breathalysing drunk patrons could help police build a case for prosecution.

Speaking to InTheMix, a representative from the State Attorney General’s office said there were “absolutely” no plans to breathalyse punters inside venues, but added that a law implemented by the previous State Government already allows police to breath test patrons when they are displaying violent behaviour.

It is these breath test readings that would then be used to build a case against the venues, with those deemed to be spawning drunk punters to face prosecution.

The Queensland Government still plans on forging ahead with their other plans to curb alcohol-fuelled violence, including Sydney-style lockout laws, such as bringing the existing 3am lockout forward to 1am, the 5am closing time forward to 3am, and instituting bans on serving shots and other drinks deemed to have “high-alcohol content” after midnight.

“We’ll back these laws up with intelligence-led policing, increased liquor licensing inspections and education and awareness campaigns,” continued the Attorney-General’s statement. “We are continuing to consult with a broad range of industry and community stakeholders and plan to have legislation before the House this year.”

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