Rainbow Serpent Festival Is Banning Nangs Completely In 2018

Victoria’s Rainbow Serpent music festival is banning all use of nitrous oxide (AKA nangs, balloons, bulbs or NOS) at its upcoming 2018 event, including in camping areas.

Organisers have banned nangs from the entertainment grounds in recent years, but they are now “enforcing a complete NOS ban in 2018” which will extend into camping grounds, after festival-goers “ignored” their pleas to rid the event of nangs over the last five years.

“As you know, we have tried since 2012 to encourage patrons away from using NOS by banning it from the festival area,” organisers say.

“It is just not cool to stumble on empty bulbs left on the ground. In addition to being a safety hazard, NOS also increases the amount of rubbish we accumulate for landfill. These bulbs are not recyclable due to danger of explosion and the empty boxes, balloons and cartridges are left everywhere. YUK!

“The fact is patrons have ignored our pleas so we are unfortunately enforcing a complete NOS ban in 2018 and we will confiscate any bulbs or paraphernalia found without exception.

“We ask that you please consider the environmental impact and support us in 2018.”

Organisers have also told festival-goers on Facebook they will be contacting local supermarkets to request they don’t stock up on NOS bulbs ahead of the influx of Rainbow Serpent attendees. They have also reportedly asked festival-goers to “lay off the glitter”, due to the impact microplastics have on the environment.

Earlier this week, organisers released a video discussing drug use at the festival, which you can watch below.

A 22-year-old man died at the 2017 edition of Rainbow Serpent, after reportedly drinking amyl nitrite at the event. A 21-year-old woman was also allegedly bitten and sexually assaulted multiple times.

The 2018 edition of Rainbow Serpent will run between 26th and 29th January in Lexton, Victoria. For more information about the event, head to the official website.

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