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Tickets Suspended For Rainbow Serpent Festival 2020 Due To Bushfires

The fires that have been ravaging the country over the past few weeks have potentially claimed another festival, now that Rainbow Serpent festival has suspended tickets to its 2020 event after a fire has hit the festival site.

According to The Music, organisers of the festival, which happens just outside of the Victorian town of Lexton,  revealed in a statement that the fire has burned through over 2,000 hectares with damage sustained to the grounds and event infrastructure.

“While it will take some days to assess the full extent of the damage, our focus is also on our neighbours, community and the local fauna and flora whose losses are more significant than ours,” said festival spokesperson Tim Harvey, who said that the event will need a week before they decided whether to go ahead with the event.

“The local community, and communities around the country, are bearing a much greater burden than the festival as a result of bushfires.”

If the festival does decide to cancel, it will be the second festival cancellation of the season due to the fires. New Years’ festival Lost Paradise announced it would no longer be going ahead due to the fires.

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