Randy Blythe Opens Up On Czech Trial, Urging Fans To “Be Carefully” At Shows

In a long but intriguing Tumblr post, Lamb Of God vocalist and newly free man Randy Blythe has recounted his experience on trial for manslaughter in the Czech Republic, including facing the family of a deceased fan, in an effort to encourage fans to keep it together at shows.

Though Blythe has been acquitted of the manslaughter of Daniel Nosek, a young fan who died from injuries sustained after jumping from the stage at a Lamb Of God show in Prague, it seems like it will be a while before he processes the whole thing. Blythe recounts the moment he was put in direct contact with Nosek’s family:

“Daniel’s family did not point any fingers at me… They just wanted to know the truth of what had happened to their son, so they came to court and listened as I did my best to provide them with what I knew.

“They didn’t want anything from me in that courtroom except for me to understand how this had affected them.”

The family, represented by Daniel’s uncle, welcomed the closure, and withdrew their case to seek damages. Blythe calls their time in court “one of the most amazing displays of strength and dignity I have ever witnessed”.

In the post, Blythe highlights issues with venue set-up, security and mosh etiquette that could prevent the same situation that happened to him from happening to someone else.

Given that he is also a fan of heavy music, Randy knows his way around a pit and talks extensively about the proper way to conduct yourself in one. He does say, though, that explaining the nature of a mosh and the atmosphere at one of his shows via translator during the trial was one of the biggest challenges of his life. “It was like trying to tell a person who has been blind from birth what the color purple looks like,” he explains.

Blythe also turns his attention to preventing a repeat of the tragedy, telling venues that “if you cannot provide a safe environment for a show that requires security and barricades, do not have it – you have no business playing around with people’s lives for a few extra dollars.”

He also warns those who insist on operating dodgy venues that “all of us in bands talk amongst each other, and if you’re shady, we will all eventually know.”

The post very clearly states that climbing on stage at any Lamb Of God show is strictly forbidden. Fans who attempt to will be kicked out of the venue with no refund.

He concludes:

“I hate these things. This young man’s family does not want this to happen to someone else. Neither do I. Please, please, please- I am begging you on my knees…

Be carefully.”

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