Rashida Jones Slays In The 90s In Totally On Point Hip Hop Video

“You look like you miss the 90s” is now officially my favourite way to start conversations after viewing this entirely on point new music video for Boss Selection’s Flip and Rewind, starring beautiful land mermaid Rashida Jones.

For reasons unknown, and completely irrelevant imho, the Parks and Recreation star and beautiful tropical fish stars in the music video for the tune which kicks off with a FaceTime between Rashida and producer Jermaine Dupri sending her down a 90s daydream which touches on literally every single 90s music video trope ever. And it’s GLORIOUS.

Open Mercedes convertibles! Head bandanas! Matching oversized yellow sports coats! Those weird golf hats LL Cool J still seems to wear all the time! Poor quality VHS overlay!

Oh man, I am in literal heaven right now. Thank you Ann you beautiful, rule-breaking moth.

Check out the dope clip below and then join me in bemoaning the fact that Parks and Rec has finished up.

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