Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Protests Phone-Obsessed Crowd By Filming Them, Not Playing Solo

Sometimes memes sum up society better than we ever could:

Concert meme

The trend of punters spending the majority of concerts watching the action unfold via their smart phone screens has been skyrocketing across the twenty-tens, and Josh Klinghoffer for one is jack of it.

At a recent concert in Turin, Italy, the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist reportedly got so PO’d at the crowd of fans standing still and filming the whole thing on their phones that he straight-up refused to play the Californication solo, instead picking up his own mobile and filming the crowd in protest.

Ironically, we have footage of the whole thing below, because someone was filming Klinghoffer filming the crowd that was filming him #filmception.

And apparently fans over in the UK weren’t much better.

One RHCP lover noted via Reddit: “I was at the London show on Monday, two rows from the barrier on the right side of the arena… and the crowd were horrific. People literally filming every song, hardly anyone jumping or dancing out… And tbh, most of the people near me were actually there to see Babymetal by the looks of it.”

The fan continued: “The biggest cheer RHCP got was went Anthony took his shirt off for fuck sake, and it’s such a shame because the band played so fucking well and pulled out exciting shit like Higher Ground and Right on Time. Keep in mind I couldn’t really see what was going on behind me, but it looked like there was more movement from the seated areas than the floor during Give It Away as well.”

So guys, if you want to see Klinghoffer rip the Californication solo when the Chilis (hopefully) bring their The Getaway album tour to Australia (I mean, their last music video was all about an Australian woman so, you know, they should) maybe keep your dumb smart phones firmly in your pockets.

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