Red Hot Chilli Peppers talk new album for mid 2011

Update: Listen: Red Hot Chili Peppers New Single The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

Update: New Album gets name, due out in August

In an interview on the Kevin and Bean radio show in the US last week The Red Hot Chilli Peppers have dropped a few hints about their forthcoming follow up to Stadium Arcadium, saying they’s like to release it in “beginning of summer 2011.” Note that they are referring to the Northern hemisphere seasonal cycle, meaning around June.

Speaking of what we could expect from the album Anthony Kiedis said “the big difference, writing wise, for this album is Flea got his piano playing together, and so instead of him coming in with really cool ideas for the bass guitar, he’d come in with really cool ideas for the piano.” Kiedis also mentioned that the influence of new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer has had quite an effect on the band’s writing, noting, “Josh has never really had a band he was part of… he came in with sort of a lifetime of music… a real reservoir of chords and ideas… and now he has a place for it.”

With fans seemingly less than enthusiastic about the album, one even stating that “in all seriousness, if anything could get me less excited about this album, it’s Flea putting down the bass and picking up a piano. Please retire immediately.” the big question is do we really need another Chilli Peppers album after they have so resolutely dragged their own names through the mud. Considering though that the last time Frusciante left the band they made what I would say is their best album, One Hot Minute, this as yet untitled album might be the album that redeems their past transgressions. I doubt it though.

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