Reddit Comes To The Rescue Of Band’s Ripped Off Viral Music Video

The eternal battle for them sweet, sweet hits continues unabated in the cutthroat world of online “journalism” with the hunt for viral content turning ugly for one Californian rock band, whose latest music video featuring 61-year-old skateboarding legend Neal Unger has been stolen by a UK magazine, unleashing the wrath of Redditors worldwide.

The Moth and the Flame’s new music video for track Young and Afraid was uploaded to YouTube last week and steadily amassed a few thousand views, due to it’s inclusion of the veteran skate-fiend busting out some sick nollies, and arguably, for being a tasty little alt-rock tune.

Reportedly without their permission however, the video was ripped and re-uploaded to Sidewalk Magazine’s Facebook page, where it has since earned over 3 million views, and the understandable ire of the band itself, with no links to the original video given and the only site mentioned their own.

In exasperation one of the band members took to Reddit to point out the transgression and see if they could harness the people power of the infamous content sharing site, to take the fight to Sidewalk and attempt to win back some views to the original YouTube video.

“I never post but today this magazine ripped my band’s youtube video. They edited out our name from the front of the video. They posted a link on facebook to funnel people to their website. It’s gotten 2.7 million views today. Meanwhile our youtube video has gotten about 150 views today. There are no links to us or our youtube video on this post. We are really happy people are liking this video! But it sucks to see millions of people watching it and not connecting it to us or the star of the video….. oh man. We’ve reached out to them two hours ago asking for proper links and credit. No response yet. Mainly we just want people to see the real video… Not sure what to do.”

The Sidewalk FB page has since been bombarded with comments and posts supporting The Moth and the Flame, with nearly every article post littered with the original YouTube link, as well as some truly colourful commentary you could only really get from Redditors.

“YOU ARE PATHETIC, MAKE A POST ADMITTING YOU’RE THIEVES AND GIVING CREDIT WHERE IT’S DUE”, posted one caps-friendly chap, whilst another commented, “oh you know you done fucked up. someones getting fired over this lol”.

Yeah, kinda agree with that last guy, Sidewalk. You done truly fucked up. Head to their FB page to get in on the action and check out the dope original vid below.

Watch: The Moth and the Flame – Young and Afraid

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