Remember That Boy In The Weather Balloon? He’s Started A Heavy Metal Band

The name Falcon Heene may not mean anything to you off the bat, but couple it with two crazy, publicity obsessed parents, a weather balloon and that internationally televised “my parents told me to do it” statement – your memory might be jogged. Well, Heene is back but this time fronting a metal band.

Aged only 9-years-old, his bass is about 4 times the size of him, so it’s pretty damn adorable, spesh when the subject matter consists mainly about the tough life of being a kid and having to do homework and stuff.

The band is called Heene Boyz, with the Z added there for shock value, I’d imagine. It consists of Henne; his brother/drummer Ryo, aged 12; and brother/guitarist Bradford, coming in at 13. The first clip from the trio can be seen below; you’ll notice that none of them seem to be able to see over their instruments, but I guess that’s not what metal’s really about.

It’s about sticking it to the man with your long hair and black clothes, right?

New Times Broward-Palm Beach did an extensive feature on the group, delving deep into the minds of the next generation of metal heads. Check out the clip below, if only for the lols.

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