Rhys Darby Urges Flight Of The Concords To Make Movie

In terms of comparing the genesis of a project to where it is almost 10 years later, you’d be hard-pressed to find, well, anything really that has been as successful as Flight of the Concords.

What began back in 2004 as a radio program, detailing the exploits of a fictional band struggling to find mainstream success in the UK, has now become a two-series, award-winning institution that has taken the comedy duo Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement all over the world.

If the name Rhys Darby doesn’t sound familiar, try Murray Hewitt. The well-meaning but beyond useless manager of the folk performers ventured with the parody folk two-piece to the States where, of course, they filmed the hit TV series of the same name. In a recent interview with Time Out UK, Darby has expressed just how keen he is to begin work in a much-talked about film.

“Hopefully the guys will work on a Conchords’ film because the world deserves it. That’s up to them, because we’re all keen to do it. It’s about finding the time and the right story. All I can do is encourage them and then wait for the phone call.” Now, truthfully tell me you didn’t read that with a kiwi accent. Anyway, the idea of a movie is not such a left-field concept with the Oscar award-winning McKenzie speaking out on the idea, saying he and Clement were considering it.

Darby continues to say: “I’m not sure if he’s got any wiser, but I think he’s warmed to people’s hearts more. He’s learnt a few things, a few more names of bands and where not to gig, like airports, things like that. But I don’t really think he’s learnt anything substantial or progressed too much since the beginning, which I think is a good thing, because that’s where the magic lies. I would have loved to have a third season or a film to see what he has learnt.”

The band is currently whizzing around NZ and Australia for their headlining tour, bringing Arj Barker along for the ride with them.

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