Melbourne musical zeitgeist DAUGHTERS OF THE RICH are no more! They’ve moved out on their own, squandered the family fortune and now they’ve been drafted! And so begins COLA WARS.

What may have started life in the shadowy world of ‘side-projects’ has now morphed into a fully-fledged musical obsession. This outfit is truly the business so in recognition the Daughters’ moniker has been dispensed with and COLA WARS are breaking out.

COLA WARS has a pedigree that does indeed cast a big shadow on the Australian rock scene with two members on permanent secondment from ozzie punk stalwarts BODYJAR and another member hailing from defunct pop-punkers FAO.

Cam Cola is stoked. “For me it simply started out as a musical outlet while BODYJAR took a break. Musically we all just meshed big time and that changed everything. Now COLA WARS is totally rockin’ in it’s own right and doesn’t owe too much to any of the bands we’ve been in previously … other than sharing the same energy and passion of course.“

And what news of BODYJAR ?

Cam reckons “BODYJAR will probably tour some time this year… Crikey we’ve toured every year since we left High School ! As long as the other Jar guys are up for it, and Wakker and I can work it around our COLA WARS commitments it’s definitely gunna happen … maybe.”

Cam also offered “ ..and before you ask Pepsi or Coke ? Let’s get this straight… I’m a ginger beer man.”

COLA WARS blood the new brand name on FRIDAY MAY 8 at THE ARTHOUSE (616 Elizabeth st Melbourne) with BURN THE CITY, SCREWTOP DETONATORS & NONE THE WISER.

Can’t make the show ? Don’t worry, keep your taste-buds primed cos work on the COLA WARS debut album has commenced. In the meantime check it

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