COLA WARS:Thirsty for a Taste of Touring

New South Wales & regional Victoria get the chance for their first taste of COLA WARS on the upcoming tour with BEHIND CRIMSON EYES. Melbourne doesn’t miss out either, but many here have already had the chance to get a taste of the best damn caffeinated-beverage on the market.

COLA WARS, initially bubbled up in the fickle world of ‘side-projects’ starting life as DAUGHTERS OF THE RICH – progeny of considerable pedigree with two members from Aussie punk stalwarts BODYJAR and another hailing from defunct pop-punkers FAO.

Vocalist Mikey is pretty pleased to be taking the newly re-badged band on the road.

“This outfit has come a long way in a very short time. We played quite a few shows as the Daughters, but it felt like something wasn’t quite as it could be. Since taking on the new name and realising how committed we all are to this band we’ve been really energised. As a result I think we’ve written some of our strongest songs yet. Everything seems to be in place now and we’re all amped to be hitting the road with BCE. ”

So what are we going to hear at the shows?

‘Well I can tell you it’s not Bodyjar or FAO by the numbers. Sure you can expect some similarities … the same drive, similar energy… plenty of crunching riffs, loads of melody … but maybe a few more twists and a lot greater reach in the vocal department… but hey with me singing of course I’m gunna say that!” chuckles Mikey.


THURS 30 JULY 2009 – Espy Front Bar, St Kilda, VIC 8 pm

FRIDAY 31 JULY 2009 – National Hotel, Geelong, VIC 8 pm

SATDY 01 AUGUST 2009 – The Pub, Bendigo, Victoria 8 pm

THURS 06 AUGUST 2009 – Caringbah Bizzos, Caringbah, NSW 8 pm

FRIDAY 07 AUGUST 2009 – Just @ Club 77, Sydney, NSW 8 pm

SATDY 08 AUGUST 2009 – Clubhouse Hotel, Maitland, NSW 8 pm

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