Richard Kingsmill Has Unexpectedly Pissed Off A Whole Bunch Of Ruel Fans

Twitter is a ruthless place. You make one misstep or you misspeak once and suddenly there’s a whole barrage of people coming down on you harder than you ever could’ve imagined.

That is what is happening to Triple J head honcho Richard Kingsmill right now as a seemingly harmless tweet as riled up a bunch of Ruel‘s die-hard fans.

In case you missed it, the broadcaster aired Ruel’s recent gig at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion as part of the ‘Live At The Wireless’ show. In a tweet, the broadcaster said that it is the loudest crowd they’ve ever recorded.

Kingsmill chimed in the replies, joking that Billie Eilish’s crowd were “one decibel louder”.

Clearly unaware of the rapid viciousness of online stans, or maybe he’s a sadist, Kingsmill was then bombarded with tweets from Ruel fans telling him to shut up and to mind his business.

Ruel then took to Twitter to plead that fans relax on The King, saying that he liked being played on Triple J.

Then, unpredictably, Ruel’s mentions began being spammed with his fans telling him to shave. Wild scenes on the internet today, pals.

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