Rick Rubin Explains Eminem’s Latest Single ‘Berzerk’

Super-producer Rick Rubin recently gave an interview on the set of the video for Eminem‘s latest single, Berzerk. In the video, Rubin, who served as executive producer on Em’s upcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2, explains the creative process behind the single.

“I think it’s unlike any current Hip Hop songs,” said Rubin. “If you listen to what’s going on in Hip Hop, this is not what this is. We wanted to do something kind of throwback to some of the early records we were making in the 80s and it more reflects that energy of the early days of hip-hop.”

Rubin said he came to work with Eminem after meeting the rapper’s manager Paul Rosenberg, with the two agreeing to work on a project “at some point down the road.” Though they didn’t plan on an Em collaboration, Rubin said “It just worked out that it was meant to be at this time.”

Rubin explained that Berzerk came late in the process, saying “It started with a sample, and the sample that we started with ended up not being in the record. The song sort of evolved. It started one way, it kind of got programmed and written to, and then it changed into a whole different song.”

“I thought the track was really strong, and didn’t know what direction it was going to go vocally,” added Rubin. “And then, when I heard the vocals, I was pretty excited. It was not at all what I expected. Just the energy in it, and the lyrics…It’s so well done, and so smart, and so funny.”

You can watch the interview with Rubin and the full video for Berzerk, in which Rubin makes a cameo appearance along with Kendrick Lamar, below. MMLP2 is due out in November, and Eminem will be making his way Down Under early next year.

Watch: Eminem – Berzerk Explained: Behind The Scenes 1

Watch: Eminem – Berzerk

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