Rihanna Swigged Out Of A Diamond Encrusted Flask All Through The Grammys

The Grammy Awards are a very, very long show so understandably the musos need something to get them through. Rihanna easily had the best solution of the night, bringing a flask with her.

Being Rihanna, it wasn’t just any flask though. It was a diamond encrusted flask that she clutched throughout the whole show.

Even though RiRi didn’t win any awards, the camera gravitated towards her throughout nearly every performance as she clutched the flask and took swigs.

She was first spotted sneakily attempting to take a shot before she gave up trying to be subtle. At one point she was even caught on camera saying, “I think it’s time for a shot.”

It’s a pretty great way to deal with the fact that she literally won zero awards despite being nominated for eight awards.

Adele and Chance The Rapper were the big winners from the night taking home five and three awards respectively.

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