Rihanna’s Tour Bus Caught With Weed, Rider Clearly For A Bake Out

Rihanna is pretty open with her consumption of marijuana, often taking to social media to share experiences (most likely on account of #YOLO), and even though her tour bus was just busted at the Canadian border it looks as though Rihanna and co may be blazing their way around Australia while in town for her tour, if the contents of her rider are anything to go by.

Early reviews from the tour, which just left Canada, aren’t too impressive, and it wasn’t just her live performance being scrutinised – according to Contact Music, border patrol between Michigan and Canada stopped the bus and dogs found a small amount of weed on a passenger, though everyone got let off the hook.

As Sydney Confidential explain, Ri Ri has copped a serious amount of grief from parents groups on account of her role model status and her candid tendency to sesh, though if your young daughter is currently idolising Rihanna you’re gonna have a lot bigger problems than weed.

So about this rider – it’s funny to see how similar Ri Ri is to us commoners. She enjoys gummy bears as well! I wonder if she crams as many different colours in her mouth for the full flavour experience as well. Mmmmm. Oreos are on the list but no milk, which is kinda fucked-up. Plenty of corn chips. And then BAM… Grey Goose vodka also coz YOLO.

Rihanna’s tour has been labeled “a 100-minute hot mess” and will be wrapping up Down Under in Sydney Thursday, 3rd October.

Rihanna’s Tour Rider

Large bag of Gummi Bears, preferably Haribo brand
10 pack of juice poppers
10 bags of cheddar Ruffles
10 bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos
Stuffed olives
Mini Babybel cheeses
Red Bull
Grey Goose vodka
ginger ale

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