Riot Fest Wins April Fools Day, Drops 2017 Lineup Featuring All Your Favourite Movie Bands

Hats off to Chicago’s Riot Fest, they’ve gone and pulled the greatest April Fools Day stunt, possibly ever.

Promoters of the annual rock bash waited til April 1st to drop their 2017 lineup, climactically revealing that they’ve booked all of the greatest fictional bands in cinematic history for this year’s bill.

Wyld Stallyns from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey are the obvious headliners:

Alongside Crucial Taunt from Wayne’s World:

Plus there’s Stillwater from Almost Famous:

The Lone Rangers from Airheads:

Sexy Rexy from Empire Records:

That Thing You Do! dudes The Oneders

Aldus Snow’s band Infant Sorrow from Get Him To The Greek:

Steel Dragon from Rock Star

The inimitable Dewey Cox from Walk Hard:

And of course, Marvin and the Starlighters (AKA the band whose set Marty McFly crashed in Back To the Future)

There’s even The Be Sharps!

And Mouse Rat!


Bummer they couldn’t nail down The School Of Rock, though. Maybe next year.

Anyway, even though this awesome prank essentially duped no one, its true April Fools power lies in the inevitable realisation that we all have to keep living in a bleak reality where none of these kickass bands exist.


Check out Riot Fest’s incredible fake 2017 lineup below, then cheer yourself up by having a LOL at some of the music world’s other best April Fools Day jokes of 2017 right here.

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