Riot Police Shut Down Hot Dub Time Machine Show At Sydney’s Enmore Theatre

Police have shut down Hot Dub Time Machine‘s all ages gig at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre last night over alleged safety concerns.

The gig was axed mid-set with punters booted en masse from the venue, after cops flagged “a number of adverse incidents involving juveniles and alleged licensing breaches”, according to an official statement from police media.

A NSW Police Media spokesperson could not confirm to Music Feeds what the exact nature of the issues were to justify such a huge event being prematurely shut down — including whether or not the alleged incidents occurred inside or outside the venue — however, The Daily Mail speculates that at least one teen overdosed on drugs.

Meanwhile, photographer Pat Stevenson has reported witnessing scenes of underage fans rioting in the streets after being ousted from the premises by police.

“Rampaging teens who got ejected were smashing windows and being little fucks around the neighbourhood, such a shame, it was wild!” he posted on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 3.20.02 pm

Other pissed off fans who were turfed from the event have also pointed the finger of blame at the younger portion of the crowd, taking to social media to demand refunds:


Screenshots via The Daily Mail.

However, concertgoer Michael Hing, who watched everything go down from side of stage, has told triple j’s Hack that — from what he could see — the crowd wasn’t actually doing anything wrong.

“They’re music nerds, they’re dweebs like me, and they’re just having a great time,” he said, adding that Hot Dub’s set was supposed to include songs from 1954 to 2016 played in strict chronological order, but that got shot to hell after police intervened:

“A roadie came on stage (at around 10pm) and said something to the DJ, Tom Lowndes. And (Tom) said into the mic ‘What?! Are they shutting us down?’

We all thought it was part of the show… but then it became very serious because Tom… skipped forward from 1999 to 2012… skipping Usher.”

You could see there was around 30 cops in the Enmore.

A lot of the cops walked around the periphery of the audience through to the backstage area and I think that’s when the DJ realised this was not a time to play one last song.”

He also reckons he heard one officer saying to the venue manager: “This DJ has to get off stage… if he doesn’t leave we’ll get him off”.

The Enmore was slapped with a short term closure order — rushed through by a Parramatta Local Court judge just before 9.45pm — in the wake of the drama, which forced the venue to keep its doors shut until midnight last night.

A spokesperson from the theatre could not confirm to Music Feeds whether tonight’s scheduled performance from Persian classical vocalist Homayoun Shajarian would still be going ahead, however the ticketing outlet Ticketbooth, which had been selling tickets to the show, now bears the following disclaimer:

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 3.22.46 pm

Music Feeds has contacted the venue, ticketbooth and Mr. Shajarian for further comment.

While a spokesperson from Police Media has confirmed to Music Feeds that “investigations will continue” into the venue’s alleged licensing breaches, before any further action is taken against The Enmore Theatre.

In the meantime, Mr. Hot Dub Time Machine himself AKA DJ Tom Lordes has expressed his regret over the whole thing via Instagram, posting:

“Guys, I’m am so so sorry. Tonight’s show was shut down by the police due to concerns for people’s safety outside the venue. I am shattered. I started Hot Dub to create a party about love for music and positivity, to have this happen is heart breaking. There is no after party, but we will work with everyone concerned to make sure this never happens again. Love, Tom.”

We’ll keep you up to date with any more information as it develops.

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