‘RIP Paul McCartney’ Trends On Twitter – It’s A Hoax!

Trending topic ‘RIP Paul McCartney’ has sparked a large interest as it trends across Twitter in countries across the world. But the whole thing is actually a cruel joke, as is always with these sorts of things. Don’t fall for it. He’s not dead.

In better McCartney related news, he recently released a new album named Kisses On The Bottom, which features covers of songs he listened to in his childhood, and inspired him as an early songwriter. The album has appearances from Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder

He gave insight into the studio sessions, revealing:

“It was very spontaneous, kind of organic, which then reminded me of the way we’d work with The Beatles.”

“We’d bring a song in, kick it around, when we found a way to do it we’d say ‘Okay, let’s do a take now’ and by the time everyone kind of had an idea of what they were doing, we’d learnt the song. So that’s what we did, we did the take live in the studio.”

Listen to his single My Valentine.

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