Rob Zombie Explains Reworked ‘Mondo Sex Head’ Cover Art

Rob Zombie has recently opened up to Rolling Stone on the topic of his soon-to-be released remix collection Mondo Sex Head set to drop August 7. He goes into depth as to why he has decided to revise the cover art, which he has recently unveiled.

Initially, the album featured a scantily clad female model (pic below), according to Loudwire, who lay on her stomach pushing her hips back in very short shorts, though tastefully tinted black and white. The image was replaced with an up close photo of a kitty (pic below), also in black and white.

Zombie explains to Rolling Stone, “I thought it fit the vibe of the record perfectly and had an old-school Ohio Players vibe. I never thought it would be a problem since it seemed tame to me…but it was. No one would carry the CD. Anything with death and violence is totally fine, but anything with sex, forget about it. So instead of censoring that cover and ruining it, I just removed the ass shot and replaced it with a pussy shot.”

During the 90s Rob Zombie produced his fair share of remixes, and until now thought the idea had gone stale, though given the current trend of ‘old is the new new’ he had a change of heart: “I figured the demand had returned”, says Zombie. “Everything old is new again, I guess.”

Included on the album will be Jonathan “J-Devil” Davis’ version of Thunder Kiss ’65, a track Zombie approves of greatly, as well as Photek’s remix of Living Dead Girl, describing the song as having a “hypnotic atmospheric and trippy vibe.”

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