Robert Smith Says The Cure Have Three Albums On The Way (And The First Might Be Real Soon)

Your goth Christmases are here, mates.

The Cure‘s Robert Smith has shared the news that the band have three new albums in the works and that – even more excitingly – the first could be here before the year is out.

“Actually I have prepared three albums, two of them more advanced. The first will be the one that we will release very soon. I think that the first single, or the whole album, will come out this Christmas, or a little earlier. It has the title of Live From the Moon and it will surely change its name,” explained the legendary goth-rock frontman in a new interview with Zocalo.

Back in August, Smith revealed that the aforementioned Live From The Moon was on the “darker side of the spectrum,” explaining that the album was impacted lyrically by the deaths of his parents and brother.

“The second album, which I already have more advanced, refers to much freer pieces and with a more pronounced, stronger sound, and that to record them has to be live, yes, with that experience of putting together a concept based on the interpretation of the moment,” continued Smith to Zocalo.

“The third, which is crazy, is a noise disc, with different aspects and environments, all based on experiences on a stage or on my paths, in situations where noise is present and to which we are so accustomed that we don’t pay attention.”

It’s huge news for fans, particularly given how long it’s been between drinks – The Cure’s last album was 2008’s 4:13 Dream.

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