The Cure Bassist Simon Gallup Says He’s Back in the Band, Months After Announcing His Exit

The Cure‘s longtime bassist Simon Gallup, who announced two months ago that he was leaving the band after some 40 years, has appeared to confirm that he’s back in the band.

In August, Gallup wrote on social media that “with a slightly heavy heart” he was “no longer a member of the Cure”. When pushed on his reasons for parting ways with the band after four decades, Gallup responded that he “just got fed up of the betrayal”.

As NME reports, Gallup has since appeared to confirm he has rejoined the goth rockers. Last week, Gallup’s new band Alice Blue Gown posted a photo of the bassist on Facebook. A fan commented on the post asking if he was still a member of the Cure, with Gallup succinctly responding, “Yes I am”. See that below.

While Gallup didn’t elaborate on the change of heart, it’s worth pointing out that when he announced his departure in August, there was no official statement released by the band, and the Facebook post was subsequently deleted. Either way, it looks like things got smoothed out. Good thing, too – Gallup’s distinctive bass playing has been an integral part of the band over the years, and it’s kind of hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

Gallup joined the Cure in 1979, not long after the release of the band’s debut album, Three Imaginary Boys. Gallup played on The Cure’s next three albums – Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography – before internal disagreements led to his departure in 1982. Frontman Robert Smith asked Gallup to return in 1984 and, barring this brief departure, he has stayed since.

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