Ronnie Radke Talks Drugs, Jail And Buries The Hatchet With ETF Bassist

Anyone familiar with the glory days of Escape The Fate will know full well the drama that befell the toxic friendship of then ETF vocalist and now Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke and former ETF bassist Max Green. Now, after years of bad blood, the two have met up, buried the hatchet and delved deep into their experience as drug addicts and the road to recovery.

In an interview with AltPress, Radke and Green have talked about their time together and apart, dealing with insobriety and facing the challenges of sobriety. Having grown up together since they were 17, the pair have had plenty of reckless adventures together, which they recalled in detail.

Green explains that, at one point, they were simply unable to get out of the way of the drugs being offered to them by locals of their home state of Las Vegas following the band’s rise to fame. Surviving car crashes, all-in-brawls and going to desperate measures for drugs wasn’t out of the ordinary for the pair who tell their cautionary tale of excess.

Following Radke’s incarceration and subsequent ejection from ETF, the relationship soured and was worsened by drug-related conflict. effectively ended until they once again saw each other, Radke explains the moment it happened:

“He’s missing a few teeth. His pants were ripped up; not in a rock ‘n’ roll way, but like he’d been wearing them for several weeks straight. He’s clearly on drugs… I hope he gets sober. There’s a place in my heart for him. He will always have that place. I care about him–I don’t want him to die.”

You can watch part 1 of the interview below, which also features moments of insight into Radke’s time in jail. By the sounds of things, it was a lot worse than anyone may have thought.

Watch: A Conversation With Ronnie Radkie And Max Green (Pt. 1)

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