Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Hit By Drink After Telling Crowd “Sit The Fuck Down”

US rockers Falling In Reverse performed a truly bizarre show in Philadelphia over the weekend, with frontman Ronnie Radke engaging in an extended yelling match with the crowd.

The incident went down during Self Help Fest when Radke asked the crowd to sit down while the band were playing their track ‘Bad Girls Club.’

When the crowd doesn’t comply, Radke starts losing his shit and yells “fuck these motherfuckers. What the fuck? Sit the fuck down right now. Let’s go.”

He continues “you can’t do that? You’re too cool for that man? Man I’ll sit here all fuckin’ night man I don’t give a fuck.”

When the crowd still refuses to comply, Radke starts chanting “sit down, sit down, sit down,” with his drummer making a beat to help get his point across.


But at this point the crowd are still having none of it and begin to chant back “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.”


Eventually after Ronnie decides to get on with things, he cops a beer can that’s projectiles at him from deep in the mosh. Check out the falcon below.

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