Royal Headache Frontman Says Police Are “Even Dumber” Than Drunk Rock Fans

Shogun, the frontman of Sydney band Royal Headache, says he didn’t want police to storm the stage during the group’s recent performance at the Sydney Opera House because they are “even dumber” than drunk, rock-loving punters.

Police and security personnel stormed the the Opera House’s Joan Sutherland Theatre on Saturday night, 23rd May, after around 60 fans climbed onto the stage during Royal Headache’s set, which was part of a punk-heavy event in this year’s Vivid Live program.

Speaking with Guardian Australia following the incident, Shogun said, “I didn’t want to see the police start breaking people’s arms and faces. I could see it could easily go in that direction because drunk rock and roll fans are dumb and police are even dumber.”

An Opera House spokesperson has said the police who took to the stage were not requested by the Opera House. “The police were not called by the Opera House. Police officers were already on site conducting routine patrols. They became aware of the security response and joined them,” the spokesperson said.

One of the stage-invading fans, Secret Garden festival promoter and FBi Radio host Adam Lewis, has explained his version of events to Guardian Australia, including what fans were thinking about having to sit down through a punk show.

“On the Facebook event beforehand people were saying, ‘Are we really going to stay in our seats?’. The aisles were packed already and the step from the aisle to the stage is about a metre high so people just started stepping up.

“Security didn’t really stop anyone so people streamed up pretty quickly. It was a momentum thing. It was all pretty good-natured but started getting a bit gnarly when everyone was up there and people were slinging around beers.”

More footage of the stage-rushing incident has made its way online, and is available to view, below. NSW Police are yet to comment on the actions of Royal Headache’s fans or the police officers involved.

No injuries or arrests were reported following Royal Headache’s show.

Watch: Royal Headache Sydney Opera House Incident 23/05/15

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