Röyksopp Share Alison Goldfrapp Collab From Upcoming New Project

Röyksopp are back! And what’s better, they’ve teamed up with Alison Goldfrapp.

The first track from Röyksopp comes in the collaboration called ‘Impossible’ – a song that is primed for your best set of speakers to be turned up. Goldfrapp’s voice on the track is hypnotic, warping around Röyksopp’s masterclass of beats and production.

The single comes from a brand new Röyksopp project entitled Profound Mysteries. Fans have heard teasers of the conceptual project in short film ‘(Nothing But) Ashes…’ and ‘The Ladder’.

‘Impossible’ is the first track from the record to feature ‘human voice’. What a strong one to lead with.

“It’s been great working with the wonderful Svein [Berge] & Torbjørn [Brundtland] from Röyksopp.” Goldfrapp has said.

“I’ve been a fan of their music for years and it was a fascinating joy creating “Impossible” together. I truly hope everyone enjoys the track as there’s more to come.”

Profound Mysteries is out April 29th but in the meantime, check out the visualiser for ‘Impossible’, directed by Australian artist Jonathan Zawada (Flume), below:

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