Rumours Of New Suicide Silence Vocalist Quickly Debunked

It doesn’t take much for things to spred online, and when it’s regarding a topic as hot as a new Suicide Silence vocalist, it takes even less. The last few hours have been a crazy time for the band’s loyal followers who were teased of news that the band had replaced the departed Mitch Lucker, but according to the man at the center of it all, don’t believe the hype.

The blogosphere exploded with talk of ex-Suffokate vocalist, Ricky Hoover, rising to the occasion and replacing Lucker as vocalist for the band. Scrolling through forums, you’ll see that there are some persuasive examples of this being correct, but it appears the overwhelming truth – that Hoover had quit his previous band to become a barber seems to have prevailed. The man himself took to social networks to explain “Rumours are just rumours LOL.”

As part of a tribute show put on in memory of the fallen musician, Hoover performed vocals for the band, which leant a serious amount of credibility to the rumours, but it appears it was just a once off. Many fans seemed pretty chuffed on the news but if anyone could do it, it would be Hoover.

There has been no real commitment to the future of Suicide Silence but maybe this recent buzz will prompt something from the remaining members.

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