Ryan Adams “Not Gonna Cover An Album Again” After Backlash From Remake Of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’

Ryan Adams has vowed to never cover an album again following his 2015 redo of Taylor Swift’s Grammy-winning record 1989.

“Thanks but not gonna cover an album again,” Adams tweeted today, to a fan who suggested that he should cover Oasis’ Be Here Now because Adams had said in an old interview that he liked it.

“1000 jabs later what we made for fun has been made to be somethin else,” Adams further wrote, directly referring to 1989, which he covered from back-to-front and later copped flack about from fans and critics alike.

Despite Swift actually being a huge fan of the album, it failed to have the same impact as Swift’s hugely successful original. Even Father John Misty poked fun at Adams, covering Swift’s Blank Space jokingly in the style of The Velvet Underground.

Adams has also shut down any chance of him ever releasing his cover of The Strokes’ Is This It. “It will never be released. It wasn’t ever meant to be. 16 yrs ago I made it on a 4 track for a laugh. It was thrown out by accident,” he replied to a fan asking whether it would be released.

It seems Adams is learning that he doesn’t have to release everything that he records.

“Learning to share less,” he tweeted, with a slight tone of regret in regard to that Tay Tay record.

Adams is working on another original album which he says is inspired by ’80s rock. He’s also visiting Australia in December to play an exclusive show in Sydney.

Catch his recent tweets, below.

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