Sampa The Great Drops Huge ‘Time’s Up’ Remix Featuring Junglepussy

Sampa the Great has dropped a remix of her powerful The Return standout ‘Time’s Up’, featuring New York-based rapper Junglepussy.

All proceeds from the remix will go to Pola Psychology, who the rapper recently partnered with. The practice “provides culturally responsive mental health care for African youth and musicians in their own community, by their own community.”

In addition, the rapper has announced a competition based on the remix, encouraging Black women and non-binary people to record their best verse over the track. Sampa and Junglepussy will judge the entries, with the two top contestants having the chance to appear on a new official remix, among other prizes. More about that here.

“When we say all Black queens to the front, we mean it. So all Black women, femmes and non-binary folk, whose voices especially in the genre are often silenced or taken for granted, we want to hear your voice,” explains Sampa.

“We started this competition to hear verses from Black women all around the world. Speak on the industry or your experience, speak in your native tongue, speak on how proud you are to be who are you. Whatever you do, speak as you.”

Back in July, Sampa dropped a new video for the original ‘Time’s Up’ made in collaboration with longtime creative partner Sanjay De Silva, who directed The Return short film along with the clips for ‘Final Form’ and ‘OMG’.

The clip echoes many of the sentiments that Sampa and Melbourne rapper Krown share on the song itself – criticising performative allyship and shallow “diversity” and calling out the industry in the hopes of more substantive progress.

“’Time’s Up’ is a track that was made to reflect a conversation between two young Black artists about the Australian music industry. With the current atmosphere it’s an important time to address systemic racism within the music industry, especially as it slowly rebuilds,” commented the rapper at the time.

“Allyship should never be performative and as we continue past blackout day, all music orgs/labels should be put to task in bringing forward their initiatives for real change within their industry.”

Earlier this week, Sampa appeared on new Avalanches single ‘Take Care in Your Dreaming’ alongside Denzel Curry and Tricky.

Listen to Sampa’s ‘Time’s Up’ remix with Junglepussy below.

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