Say Hello To The World’s First Fully Automated Selfie Stick

Good news, Instagram-obsessed socialites with no actual friends in the real world!

The selfie stick has just been upgraded, with the portable vanity wand now available in a fully automated model to make your pics even more babin’ and help rack up those sweet Insta-gains.

Like one of those self-popping umbrellas except slower and more likely to get you electrocuted in a lightning storm, the narcissist’s best friend will retract and extend with the simple push of a button, to the envy of all the beta scrublords watching in awe as you snap a flatteringly high-angled hawt shot at the next event.

selfie 1

Suck it, bitchez!

It’s also packing a sweet set of inbuilt beauty lights that extend from the back of the iPhone holder for added glamour:

selfie 2

And even a set of retractable fans to give you that perfect, wind-swept look:

selfie 3

There’s just one problem: it’s faker than the people who’ve already started googling where to buy one.

Yes, the automated selfie stick is nothing but a giant troll, designed to promote an upcoming season of the Lifetime show Unreal.

So hope, thankfully, remains for the human race.

For now.

It’s suckered a lot of people in though, with the bulk reactions on social media being standardly hilarious:

selfie 1



But the scariest part is the demand for the fictional stick has also been so huge that corporate scientists are probably already working on a legit version to put out in the real world before you can say “cheese”.

Pray for humanity and watch the video advert for the (fake, for now) fully automated selfie stick below.

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