Say Hello To The Selfie Drone, The Aussie Invention Set To Revolutionise Your Music Festival Snaps

Move over, selfie stick! The future of snapping choice Insty pics is here and it’s packing the latest in stickless technology. In fact, it can farkin’ fly.

That’s right: a camera mounted on an actual motherflippin’ drone.

The the patented ROAM-e Selfie Drone is an Aussie invention that is designed to literally fly around and follow you & your m8s while snapping hawt AF shots from those oh-so-flattering high angles.


Hands-free, yo!

As Huffington Post reports, the single-propellor hover-cam comes with software that can recognise your face while dodging surrounding obstacles.

What could possibly go wrong?

drone acco

What’s more, the winged camera-bot is about the size of a 600ml water bottle and can fly at 25km per hour for 45 minutes at a time.

And I feel, at this point, it’s important to note that THIS IS NOT SOME KIND OF TROLL.

Legit. We are actually about to usher in a strange and terrifying new era where narcissism literally takes flight, and where hordes of drones flood the skies, buzzing like a hornets’ nest as they shadow their respective masters through shopping centres and across beaches, parks and city streets, robotically snapping away in a never-ending quest to achieve the most babin’ group pics and rack up those sweet Insta-gains.

And according to Internet of Things Group executive director Ian Duffell, it’s a dystopian nightmare that we need get used to.

“It’s hard to imagine someone running along the beach with a drone following them,” he told HuffPost Australia.

“They’re a lot of fun and I don’t think they’re going to be annoying because they’re designed to operate in your space, not to fly away and spy on someone.”

But it’s hard not to imagine at least some annoyance if you were to be, say, attending a major music festival where the peaceful vibes were being continuously shat upon by an army of hundreds – if not thousands – of winged selfie drones hovering above the mosh/campsite/picnic blanket field/etc.

There’s been no word from any of Australia’s major music events i.e. Splendour In The Grass et. al. as to whether these aerial cyborg paparazzi will go the way of the selfie stick and find themselves slapped on the “banned” list, but we’ll keep you updated on that front.

ROAM-e will be shipped in Australia in September this year.

But for now, it’s probably safe to assume that Muse were right, and that drone technology is here to stay and will likely one day soon become sentient, enslave the human race and usher in some kind of terrifying robot apocalypse. One selfie at a time.


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