SBS Pokes Fun At NSW Police Over Its Controversial New Sniffer Dog Tactics

SBS program The Feed has poked fun at New South Wales Police’s controversial new sniffer dog policy, which can see people denied entry to some music festivals if a sniffer dog sits next to them, regardless of whether or not drugs are found on their person.

The sketch sees The Feed‘s Mark Humphries become “Chief Inspector Hunch” from the ‘NSW Pinger Taskforce’, who is tasked with using sniffer dogs — which have previously been shown to return ‘false positives’ 80 per cent of the time — to catch would-be drug users before they enter music events.

“That’s right. If a dog sits down next to you, you’ll be enjoying King Gizzard and the Peking Duks at home, alone,” Inspector Hunch says in the segment.

“It’s all part of our ‘no strikes and you’re out’ policy.”

Inspector Hunch admits the dogs are pretty sensitive though, and that’s the point.

“These dogs will smell weed if you’ve so much as listened to Snoop Dogg that day, and even if you haven’t,” he says.

“Luckily, our dogs are the best in the business, with our own government’s statistics showing success rates as high as 20 per cent.”

Watch The Feed‘s segment in full, below.

The Greens are seeking an injunction against NSW Police’s new sniffer dog policy in the Supreme Court today, in an attempt to prevent police from using the tactic at Saturday’s Above & Beyond music festival in Sydney.

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