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Watch Lee Lin Chin Read Mean Tweets To Her Enemies

SBS news anchor Lee Lin Chin has proven yet again that she’s not to be fucked with. In her latest outing with SBS 2’s The Feed, Lee Lin jumps on the “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” bandwagon, made famous by Jimmy Kimmel. Normally, it involves just that – celebrities reading mean tweets that people send them. […]


Pop Is The Drug: 13 Songs About Addiction

Addictions are shifting, shadowy things. They can start small and swell into something monstrous, or remain tiny and well-hidden for years and years. The internal conflict of the addict, not to mention the social stigma and shame attached to the label, can be as strong and overwhelming as the addiction itself, so it’s no wonder […]


‘The Feed’ Returns With Lee Lin Chin’s “Hollywood Minute”

SBS 2 have announced the return of their news/culture/technology program, The Feed, which will now feature a special new celebrity gossip segment, hosted by one of the network’s most respected and beloved newsreaders, Lee Lin Chin, titled, of course, Celebrity Chin Wag with Lee Lin Chin. “SBS 2 is a new channel, it’s building its […]

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