ScoMo Says Music Industry Will Have To Wait Til July For Stimulus, Four Months After Everyone Lost Their Jobs

The live music industry was among the first to be severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s going to be one of the last to get any help from the government.

PM Scott Morrison is finally getting around to doing something to help our shattered arts sector, going on five months after everyone in it lost their jobs and two months before his government’s JobKeeper scheme is slated to expire.

In a statement, the PM acknowledged that those who depend on the arts for their livelihoods are still unemployed en masse, despite the end of the country’s major shutdown period seeing most others starting to return to work.

“If we go to the creative and entertainment industries, they’ve seen no change and that’s not surprising, given the social distancing rules that apply” ScoMo said in a statement.

“So we [are examining] and targeting how we’re going to provide that support and we’re working on those responses right now and we’ll announce them in July”.

The announcement comes after talks ScoMo has had with reps from the entertainment sector, including the newly-spawned Live Entertainment Industry Forum (LEIF) supergroup executive committee, with the support package expected to include “assistance with startup costs to help artists resume touring as public health restrictions ease, and a dedicated grants fund to help entertainment businesses replenish their capital after the economic devastation created by Covid-19”, according to The Guardian.

Better late than never, we guess?

Meanwhile, live music will return in WA with almost no restrictions from this Saturday, as the state continues to kick COVID in the dick.

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