Scott Morrison Cops It Over ‘Un-Australian’ Spotify Playlist

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has copped some flak after sharing a Spotify playlist of his favourite ’80s music which only included one song by an Australian act.

Sharing his ‘Eighties Plus’ playlist with News Corp Australia yesterday, Morrison showcased 146 of his favourite songs from the ’80s, and the playlist featured Wa Wa Nee’s ‘Stimulation’ as its only Australian track.

Here’s the full list of songs he included in the playlist, which was first created in 2012.

Twitter was quick to jump on the lack of more Australian acts in the PM’s ’80s playlist:

Since the backlash, Morrison has pointed out that he has a separate ‘Australian Rock’ playlist which features 87 songs by the likes of INXS, Midnight Oil, AC/DC and Pete Murray.

The playlist dates back to 2013.

Scott Morrison’s other Spotify playlists include a workout playlist and a playlist for his daughter Lily’s 9th birthday party, as well as separate playlists dedicated to his favourite Christmas, Hillsong Church and Keith Urban songs.

Interestingly, Lustra’s 2004 EuroTrip song ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ doesn’t feature, despite the song being played on loop on Morrison’s website last month.

Go figure.

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