Scott Morrison’s Website Hijacked To Play Lustra’s ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ On Loop

Prime Minister Scott Morrison‘s personal website has fallen into the hands of a cheeky prankster, who has refigured the site to play Lustra’s 2004 EuroTrip song ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ on loop.

Facebook user Jack Genesin has claimed responsibility for purchasing the domain license, after it supposedly lapsed on Thursday and wasn’t renewed by Morrison.

“So, the PM forgot to renew his website and it expired today … Most fun I’ve had with $50 in a long time,” said Genesin.

The website currently shows a photo of Morrison as ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ plays in full in the background. At the time of writing, it’s still unclear if Scotty knows.

The song, which opens with the line “Scotty doesn’t know that Fiona and me do it in my van every Sunday”, was famously sung by Matt Damon in EuroTrip. Relive that clip, below.

The track was eventually released on Lustra’s 2006 album Left For Dead.

Last month, Scott Morrison apologised after his Twitter account posted a Fatman Scoop song. Fatman Scoop later defended Morrison, and even invited him to hang out backstage.

UPDATE: It appears Scott Morrison’s website is suffering some technical issues, due to the dramatic increase in traffic:

UPDATE: Jack Genesin says he has contacted the Prime Minister’s office to offer the domain name back to him.

“Hi Scott, hope you’re having a great day. I bought your domain name when it expired. I don’t want anything bad to come from it. Could you please get in contact to arrange a transfer of the domain back to you,” he said, according to a post on Digital Eagles.

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