Second Sydney Big Day Out Announced!

It’s only happened once before in the entire history of the festival, but BDO organisers have just announced that there will be a second day of madness in Sydney. Tickets to the first day sold out in minutes, despite a rather unimpressive first announcement.

This, from the official website:

We had a hunch this might happen.


With the Friday Jan 22 Sydney BDO tickets snapped up in record time a second Sydney BDO will now be added. It’s only the second time in the festival’s 18 year history that a second show has been staged in any city. Fans can now attend the second festival, comprising of the same bill, Saturday January 23rd 2009. It’s with great pleasure and pride that the popularity of the event and the line-up has made it necessary to present a second BDO in Sydney.

Coincidentally it will be our 100th BIG DAY OUT.

January 25 1992 – January 23 2009.

We have always tried our best to present a show that defines our times and offers incredible talent and spectacle. And with the overwhelming demand for tickets it appears the fans are supporting the festival more than ever.

We also need to thank the artists, managers and agents and of course our team that have 100% supported the staging of a second Sydney event. Tickets for the 100th BDO will go on sale Monday morning. It’s looking like an amazing tour. We hope you can make it to the party.

(Just a quick note for those looking to buy tickets directly from the BDO website. When the clock ticks over, you have to head back to the splash page at to find the link. I spent five minutes last night just trying to figure that one out!)

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