“Seminal Aussie Ska Band” Dropped From Soundwave Lineup After Contract Dispute

UPDATE: The official Soundwave 2014 lineup has finally dropped – all the details here!!!

We’re just a matter of days away from the official Soundwave 2014 lineup announcement this Friday, though there’s still time for plenty of drama. AJ Maddah has revealed via Twitter that a “seminal Aussie ska band” has been cut from consideration for the roster after a dispute with a “douche” regarding a contract.

As the story goes, Maddah offered a position on the lineup as a favour to a down-on-his-luck friend, the lead singer of said ska band, promising to hook them up in terms of positioning, PR, asking price, the works. However, after the initial offer was put on the table, a middle man seems to have caught the scent and stuffed things up for everyone involved:

A week ago I get contacted by some douche he sends to play hardball and “negotiate” w me! I go along w this nonsense for love of band then today I am informed, 4 days out from announcement & totally snowed under that they demand that I issue a contract immediately, as said douche is going away fro 5 weeks…

“What the fuck! No, really, what the fuck! Oh well. So long and thanks for all the pork.”

Maddah hasn’t gone as far as to say which band he’s ripping into, though he has made it clear it’s not Area 7, who he describes as “awesome guys”. Newsted clearly are as well, as we know for a fact that band has made the cut with no dramas (not that they’re a ska band, it’s just good to know, eh?).

The final line from the above quote does suggest Maddah’s referring to The Porkers. Forming in the Newcastle of 1987, the band was at the forefront of the Australia ska movement for the better part of a decade. During the early 2000s the band scored some high-profile supports including No Doubt and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, though following on from almost a decade of lineup changes the band has lost a fair amount of steam.

On a more positive note, the Soundwave 2014 lineup will be available for us to behold on Friday, 23rd August – check out the latest updates via our Soundwave 2014 Feed.

UPDATE: First lineup is here!

Green Day
Avenged Sevenfold
Stone Temple Pilots (W/ Chester Bennington)
Alice In Chains
Rob Zombie
Biffy Clyro
Rocket From The Crypt
Asking Alexandria
Alkaline Trio
Five Finger Death Punch
August Burns Red
Living Colour
Motionless In White
Black Dahlia Murder
Pulled Apart By Horses
Nancy Vandal
Bowling For Soup
Trash Talk
Amon Amarth
The Story So Far
10 Years
Ill Nino
Hardcore Superstar
Walking Papers
Your Demise
Heaven’s Basement
Real Friends

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