Serj Tankian Is Releasing An EP Of Rejected System Of A Down Songs That Sound Like ‘Toxicity’

While we could be waiting a while — or, possibly, forever — for new System Of A Down music to materialise, the band’s frontman Serj Tankian has promised to deliver the next best thing.

He’s planning to drop an EP full of tracks that were originally written for the band, but ended up on the shelf due to creative differences.

“Originally I had these songs in mind for a System record if we were to end up doing a System record,” he explained in a recent chat with Spin. “But as we could not really see eye to eye on how to go forward with that I decided to finish them off myself and release them as an EP.”

Describing the sound of the upcoming tracks, Tankian laughed: “For me, it’s not Toxicity but it is Toxicity.

“…I think I’m gonna call it Elasticity just because I wanted to do it with System and it didn’t happen.”

He continued: “[The tracks] all have piano or synthesisers, which is a little different than the four-person crew with System, although we had some synths as well. It’s got stuff that’s really heavy, heavy and there’s a funny aspect and then there’s a song about my son. It kind of runs the gauntlet on diversity of thematic expression: political, non-political. I guess that’s always been me, all over the place.

“We’ll probably put it out later this year.”

All of a sudden 2020 ain’t looking so bad after all .

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