Shane Warne Unveils Bizarre Painting Of Himself Smashing VB’s With Music’s Biggest Icons

Cricketing legend Shane Warne has unveiled a strange and terrifying painting that cannot be unseen.

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In a new documentary entitled Shane Warne: Living The Dream, Australia’s former spin king presents the #warniemural, presumably commissioned by himself, which is proudly mounted in the study of his Melbourne home.

The visual monstrosity masterpiece depicts a backyard barbecue scene, featuring Warnie smashing VB’s alongside the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and more.

A bare-breasted Angelina Jolie also lounges sexily in the foreground, while the captain of Australia’s Ashes-losing side, Michael Clarke, chats animatedly to Coldplay’s Chris Martin by the pool.

Image Via YouTube

“[Here’s] Bruce Springsteen and myself just chilling in the corner – Springsteen has a cricketball in his hand, so he is just sort of asking questions about cricket,” Warnie observes in the video, as part of the guided tour of his dream arvo’s artistic rendering.

We’re legitimately having trouble figuring out whether this is actually awesome or just really, really weird.

Either way, Australians have just been given a rare glimpse into the ultimate fantasies of one of our country’s biggest sporting identities, and the fact that it involves flipping sangas and knocking back a few cold ones with a bunch of (living and dead) famous people at a backyard barbie, is probably going to surprise no one.

Strap yourself in for a ride into the inner workings of the mind of Shane Warne, below.

Watch: Shane Warne Describes His Painting

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