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This “Shannon Noll Fanatic” Has Started A ‘Nollsy’ Valentine’s Day Card Store

Written by Tom Williams on February 3, 2016

A self-described “Shannon Noll fanatic” is soon to be living the dream after starting his very own Valentine’s Day card business inspired by his love for old mate Nollsie (or Nollsy, however you prefer to spell it).

Since quitting his job last week, 21-year-old Brisbanite Gerard Craner has used his spare time to set up the ‘Nollsy Valentine’s Day Card’ online store. Why? Because he really loves Nollsy and wants to share that love with the world.

“I would sink a boat full of people and gladly let go of the floating wood raft just to see Nollsy live,” Craner tells Music Feeds. “Shannon is an absolute ripsnorter, one of the greatest Aussie rock stars ever.”

Craner’s Nollsy cards (below) include the “What About Me?” card, for anyone you think might be in need of a Valentine; the “Robbed In ’03” card, which marks Noll’s tragic loss to Guy Sebastian on Australian Idol 2003; and the “Nollsy The Poet” card, which highlights “Shannon’s intellectual and physical charm”.

Catch all three cards along with some true-blue “reviews” of the creations in the gallery below.

Craner says his Nollsy cards are “guaranteed to bring joy, passion and excitement into your life,” while also inspiring “deep and lasting emotions” which will help everyone share their love for the special people in their lives… and, of course, for Nollsie.

Craner says he got the idea for his Nollsy cards while thinking of a gift he could give a (now former) colleague. “Knowing that my colleague would cherish and appreciate such a thoughtful gift, I knew that others would want Shannon in their love lives too,” he says.

Earlier this week, Craner began working with Robert Hickson and Michael Lacey, two of his mate’s friends who helped him come up with the card designs (below) over four hours, before getting the website up and running in 48 hours on only five hours sleep.

Since launching their online store last night, Craner and his small team have already received over 300 orders. “Whilst I can understand why everyone wants and needs these cards in their life, we certainly didn’t expect a response this massive,” he says.

The Nollsy Valentine’s cards are sure to be a massive hit this year, so Craner says he’s going to make sure that he keeps at least one of them to send to Nollsy himself, as an undying sign of his love.

Check out the range of Nollsy Valentine’s Day cards in the gallery below, and head to the Nollsy Valentine’s Day online store if you’d like to pick one up for the special someone(s) in your life. Cards will begin shipping this Friday, 5th February.

Old mate Nollsie made headlines late last month after a petition to get him on this year’s Groovin The Moo lineup unfortunately failed, leaving fans understandably distraught.

Gallery: The ‘Nollsy’ Valentine’s Day Cards

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