Is Shannon Noll The New Frontman For Thy Art Is Murder?

In a coup for fans of Shannon Noll and deathcore (huge crossover between these two camps) some legend on the interwebs has superimposed Nollsy into the Thy Art Is Murder line-up as their new frontman. Making for one hell of a mashup vid, it is magnificently titled what else but – Thy Noll Is Murder. You’re welcome.

Posted to UNFD‘s facebook page, the band booked to play the label’s UNIFY Gathering 2016 event, the video features Nollsy’s classic vocals from What About Me laid over a brutal Thy Art Is Murder track (that laziness and ignorance prevents me from identifying). The resulting video has had fans of both bands besides themselves with glee.

“This is better than christmas” posted facebook user Callum O’Connor. “What a time to be alive,” said Daniel Collins. Meanwhile fellow facebooker Sy Robertson was just impressed by Nollsy’s versatility, posting simply: “What can’t he do!!”

This isn’t just some piece of internet fluff though, oh no it actually packs a double punch of social relevance in it’s powerful pop culture fist. First off it’s a jab at the #ShannonNollforGTM2016 petition, a heroic bid to have Groovin’ The Moo include Shannon on their 2016 line-up. Secondly, and on a bit of a dour note, it’s a nod to the fact that Thy Art Is Murder have recently lost their frontman CJ McMahon, who left to spend time with his family after no longer being able to afford to being a broke metal muso anymore.

Not to leave you on a downer though, you can watch the video here below to wash the bitter taste of this article and my just plain awful journalism from you dirty little mouths.

Thy Noll Is Murder!

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