Image Via Facebook / Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll Reportedly Tells Crowd He Still Wants To Bash “Wanker” Who Threw Drink At Him

Nollsie has had an interesting week to say the bloody least. After apologising for the on-stage rant heard around the country last weekend, Shannon Noll has now reportedly said he still wants to “bash the piss out of that wanker.”

In case you’ve somehow forgotten or you live under a very large rock, Nollsie went on a vitrolic, F bomb-filled rant at a gig in regional NSW last weekend after an audience member pelted a bottle at him. A rant which of course he later apologised for, and a rant that got the singer booted from an event in Queensland.

But now, according to the Sunday Telegraph, Nollsie hasn’t yet let the whole debacle go. While performing a show in the Gold Coast, Noll reportedly addressed the past week saying, “It’s been a tough week to be a Shannon Noll supporter.”

“I want to make one thing clear, I didn’t mean any offence to women at all in saying what I said to that little wanker. I was just trying to belittle the little prick because no one was doing anything.

“I would like to bash the piss out of the wanker.”

Old habits die hard, Nollsie. Feel free to check out a clip of the rant that started it all below.

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