Shannon Noll Says Molly Meldrum Told Him He “Can’t Sing”

Shannon Noll is currently in the South African jungle on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here and he’s been dropping plenty of stories with his latest focussing on Molly Meldrum.

Nollsy has revealed that the Aussie music icon was a not a fan of his voice after he came runner-up was robbed in the first season of Australian Idol.

News Limited reports, on tonight’s episode of the reality show Noll will share a story about when he walked past Idol judge Mark Holden and Meldrum having an argument at the Logie Awards.

“There’s only two people left and they are GOING each other: ‘You bloody don’t know what you’re talking about!’ It was Molly Meldrum and Mark Holden,” Noll says.

“I walked past and Mark goes, ‘Well he’s here now, why don’t you tell it to his face’.”

“I thought, oh s**t, what have I walked in on? [Molly] goes, ‘Oh, g’day Shannon. Well, look mate, you can’t sing. You’re not a great singer at all, and you’ll never make it in America.’ Molly said that to my face.”

Noll delivered the most Nollsy response ever to Meldrum saying, “You know what Molly? Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one.”

Noll never did make it in America but he’s enjoyed a pretty successful career here. His debut single ‘What About Me’ is one of the highest selling Australian singles of all time and his latest album Unbroken debuted in the top 10.

Recently on the show, Noll came up against boxer Danny Grean, arguing that Australia Day should be changed from 26th January.

“If that day represents obviously pain and heartache for our original, native Australians, then I think they are as proud Australians as any of us,” he said.

Honestly, is this show about anyone else but our Aussie icon Noll at the moment?

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