Shannon Noll Wants To Show Up Guy Sebastian With His Own ‘Like A Version’

Guy Sebastian shocked the nation last week when he rocked in to the triple j studios to ambush listeners with a live performance of LDRU’s Keeping Score.

And not only did the head honchos at J-HQ not turf him out, they also let him make his on air debut with Paces for Like A Version, in a landmark moment that was much like that scene from every teen movie when the textbook nerd gets befriended by one of the popular kids and is suddenly allowed into the cool club but, like, not everyone’s happy about it.


But the original Australian Idol‘s performance was – by popular decree – a bloody ripper, and it’s got Sebastian’s arch nemesis Shannon Noll asking: “What about me?”

Nollsie fans were up in arms following G-Seb’s smash hit JJJ debut, with one YouTube commenter raging that the beloved Condobolin sheep wrangler was “robbed again not to get the call up” and the J’s text line getting clogged up with punters echoing the same sentiments.

So after feeling the incalculable backlash of pressure from #TeamNollsie, triple J’s Veronica & Lewis did call up the rightful Australian Idol winner to find out what he thought of Guy’s performance.

Not much, it turns out, because Nollsie didn’t even hear it. The national treasure/soul patch warrior admitted that he was too busy driving to his next gig (in a big, black, shiny car, no doubt) to tune in to the segment.

And when asked if he’d taken any time to think about what he might cover, should he ever be invited to take a crack at Like A Version (fingers crossed you guys), Nollsie’s answer was 100% organic grain fed Nollsie.

“We’ve been doing a cover of Waltzing Matilda, which I quite enjoy, a bit of a punk version of Waltzing Matilda, it goes over pretty good,” he said.


Make it happen, triple J.

Check out the station’s full interview with Nollsie, below.

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