Shannon ‘Nollsie’ Noll Is Giving Away His Instantly Iconic ‘Nollsie1’ Number Plate

With number plates like ‘OL M8TE’ and ‘I C U QT’ already taken, it’s pretty hard to come across a great custom number plate these days but thankfully Shannon ‘Nollsie’ Noll has come to the rescue.

Proving that coming second ain’t that bad, Nollsie’s been rocking a pretty flash black ute of late but he’s selflessly decided to give away the ‘Nollsie1’ number plate that adorns the car.

If you want to make your car more Aussie than singing You’re The Voice with a meat pie in your hand, you can enter a comp to win the ‘Nollsie1’ number plates as seen in the video for Shazza’s most recent video clip for Who I Am.

We’re not exactly sure what Nollsie is going to do without the number plates (please tell us he’s not going back to a regular, nonsensical piece of metal?) but you could be potentially mistaken for the Aussie icon on roads all around Australia which would instantly give you legend status.

Ok, we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves. You can’t actually use the number plate on your car. It’s simply, “a true blue piece of Aussie memorabilia,” but it will be signed by Nollsie which would make it to precious too use on your car anyway.

You can enter the comp here and if you don’t win, we’ve got the perfect anthem for ya.

Watch: Shannon Noll – ‘Who I Am’

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