Shimon Moore Says He Was Kicked Out Of Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies‘ recent split from guitarist, co-founder and frontman Shimon Moore isn’t as clear-cut as first thought. Moore now says that he was unaware he was no longer in the band until the news was made public, and says he’s now been “locked out” of the band’s socials.

As Music Feeds reported earlier this week, Anzai and Goodwin took to Sick Puppies’ Facebook page on 21st October to announce that the band “are undergoing some exciting changes and evolving”. Anzai and Goodwin said that, “Former member Shimon Moore is no longer with the band and is pursuing other endeavors. We are currently in the studio writing material for our upcoming studio album while auditioning new singers.”

In a Facebook statement (below) posted on 24th October, Moore revealed that when Anzai and Goodwin announced his departure, he “needed a bit of time to get over the news”. “This was the first I had heard of it,” he said of their announcement.

Moore admits a split may have been on the cards for some time, but is clearly disappointed by his long-time bandmates’ decision. “The truth is that there was tension in the band after the many years of touring. I had hoped that some time apart would resolve these issues and lead us to the next phase of our career. It unfortunately seems that Emma and Mark have decided to move on with a new singer instead,” he said.

He retains a positive outlook on what he achieved with the band, and where his future is heading. “We turned a bunch of songs and a dream into a reality, then traveled the world to show it to everyone. For that I will always be grateful to them. I am deeply saddened to have lost my band after all these years,” he said.

“I am so touched by the messages from you all asking me if I will be continuing in music and the answer is obviously ‘Yes’,” Moore continued. “Since the announcement I have been locked out of all the Sick Puppies socials and mailing lists so you won’t be able to hear about it through those sites.”

Moore closed his statement with one of his favourite lyrics, taken from the Semisonic song Closing Time, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Read Shimon Moore and Sick Puppies’ full statements, below.

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