Siamese Dream cover girl joins Smashing Pumpkins?

Billy Corgan has revealed that the latest female bassist to join Smashing Pumpkins may be one of the two young girls featured on the cover of the group’s 1993 album “Siamese Dream.” Nicole Fiorentino just broke the news to Billy and he tweeted “Just found out the weirdest news: our bass player Nicole (@xocoleyf) just admitted she is one of the girls on the cover of Siamese Dream” he wrote.

In 2007 Corgan was looking for the pair of kids who played Siamese twins on the cover: “In a bit of a fun story, The Smashing Pumpkins are looking for the young girls that adorned the album cover of their record, SIAMESE DREAM. They have most definitely aged to their teens at this point, and are no longer conjoined. If anyone has any information on how to find the girls, please email [email protected]” Corgan even sought info on the duo on a fan message board.

So Billy found no one is 07 and Nicole Fiorentino is now 31 which means she would have been 14 when “Siamese Dream” was released so the photo would have been pretty old. Maybe Billy’s just having some fun…

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